Capt'n Eli's:  Score 8+ - A rich and interesting flavor. Very good.

Sprecher:  Score 8 - A very rich conventional tasting root beer. One of the best.

Gale's Root Beer:  Score 8 - Creamy, very good.

Virgils:  Score 8 - Very distinctive and flavorful; prominent anise component to flavor.

Thomas Kemper:  Score 7+ - Conventional, quite good.

Sioux City:  Score 7+ - Slightly creamy, very rich. Quite good.

Henry Weinhard's:  Score 7 - Refreshing, different flavor. Vanilla is apparent.

Filbert's:  Score 7 - Creamy and soft but rich flavor.

Dr. Brown's:  Score 7 - A conventional good tasting root beer. Very good.

Fitz's:  Score 7 - Creamy and rich. Quite good.

Buckin' Rootbeer:  Score - 7 Conventional but good rich flavor.

Jack Black's:  Score 6+ - Rich but mellow.

Sea Dog:  Score 6+  Creamy, rich, conventional.

Rat Bastard:  Score 6 - Very conventional.

Big Bear:  Score 6. Very conventional, nothing special.

Boot Reer:  Score 6 - Cute label, but not great root beer.

Briar's Premium:  Score 6 - Prominent vanilla flavor, otherwise just OK.

Pearson Bros:  Score 6 - Conventional

AJ Stephans:  Score - 6 Conventional, nothing special.

Dad's:  Score 5+ - Conventional, not great.

Triple XXX:  Score 5 - Nothing special.

Dog n Suds:  Score 5 - Rather mundane

Grays: Score 4 - not very good.

Abita:   Score 4 - Starts with a soft, creamy flavor; ends with a bad aftertaste. Unworthy.

Boylan: Score 3 - Pretty bad.  Not worthy.

Not shown:

Barq's:  Score 6 - This is Coke's product. Rather good, actually.

Mug:  Score 4 - This is Pepsi's product. Canned product is not very good.